Are There Any Alternatives to Partial Dentures?

Do you require a tooth replacement solution? Learn all about partial dentures, their cost, benefits & possible alternatives.

Gone are the days when people had to wear uncomfortable, unsightly dentures! Modern cosmetic dentures are now more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and economical than ever before. If you are missing some (or all) of your natural teeth, you now have the option of:

At Future Smiles Denture Clinic, we offer a variety of tooth replacement options and the type you opt for will depend on several factors including your lifestyle, dental history and the denture cost.

Whatever your specific requirements, we can help restore your natural smile, protect your oral health and improve the quality of your life!


What are Cosmetic Dentures Made From?

Full/partial dentures are removable replacements for your missing teeth, designed to look and function like your own natural teeth and surrounding gum tissue. While comfort level and aesthetic appearance may vary according to denture cost, most dentures are made from acrylic material which is high-strength and durable.

If you look after your dentures then this material is unlikely to stain or darken and will remain fresh and natural-looking for many years.


Only Missing a Few Teeth? Consider Partial Dentures

Many patients have only a few missing teeth and in such cases, partial dentures work extremely well. This denture solution is designed with small clips (known as clasps) which grip the surrounding teeth and hold the partial denture in place.

Importance of Design

To ensure the comfort of partial dentures, it’s important to precisely design them to ensure that the clasps are minimal and, wherever possible, not seen. Your denturist also needs to make sure that the clips hold the denture firmly in place and don’t strip the gum away from the tooth, which can happen with cheaper dentures.

Why Denture Cost is Less Important Than Quality

If you’re looking to keep the cost of dentures low, then a poor design is one of the problems which can arise from poorly made replacement teeth. Cheaper dentures tend to rub against the gum and over time this can:

  • Irritate the soft tissue
  • Cause mouth sores
  • Prevent you from sticking to a balanced, healthy diet
  • Further tooth loss

When purchasing partial dentures, it’s important to ensure that you are receiving a high quality product. Paying a little extra for your dentures means fewer repairs, replacements and oral problems in the future, lowering your denture costs in the long run


Partial Denture Alternatives: Implant-Supported Dentures

If you aren’t completely certain that full/partial dentures are the right solution for you, there are some great alternatives including denture implants.

An implant-supported denture can be used to completely eliminate the need for a denture or, in the case of a poorly-fitting denture, can create better support for a more comfortable fit.

While implants come with a higher denture cost, they provide incredible benefits including:

  • More natural look and feel compared to full/partial dentures
  • Eliminates the need for messy adhesives
  • Don’t slip out of place
  • Longer lifespan than dentures
  • Increased comfort
  • No more sore spots

If you would like to know if denture implants are the right tooth replacement solution for you, book an appointment with our Calgary denturist today.

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