6 Signs Your Dentures Require Repairing

Think your dentures might need repairing? Not quite sure though? Here are six surefire signs it's time to go see your Calgary denture clinic right away and get the denture repairs you desperately need. 

It can be tough knowing whether or not your dentures need to be repaired. Unless you've suffered a major break, of course. That's why it's always important to be on the lookout for any changes to how your dentures fit and function, and if you do notice any changes, to book an appointment with your denturist as soon as possible.

While you might think you can get by with how your dentures are performing for the time being, thus saving yourself from spending any money on repairs, this strategy can backfire in a big way if they end up fully breaking due to the current damage. 

With that being said, here are six surefire signs your dentures need to be repaired immediately.

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6 Signs Your Dentures Need Repairing

For those with dentures, it's important they protect their investment. Since dentures provide its wearers with the ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently, it's even more important that they be properly maintained and repaired in a timely manner when necessary. If you're not sure if your dentures need to be repaired, your denturist can tell you pretty quickly if they do.

In the meantime, here are six surefire signs that a trip to the denturist is needed.

1. They're chipped or cracked

This is the biggest sign after having your dentures completely break on you. While a chip or crack in your dentures may seem insignificant at the time, it can lead to a huge headache and costly bill down the road in the form of a full denture replacement.

The moment you notice and chipping, cracking, or pitting taking place in your dentures, call your Calgary denture clinic right away.

2. You're having trouble chewing

One of the main goals of dentures is to allow those who wear them the ability to eat freely and comfortably. While it's understandable that there may be some trouble with chewing early on as you get accustomed to your dentures, if the problem continues or occurs at a later stage it could mean you need to get them refitted or repaired.

3. They feel uncomfortable

Well-crafted dentures created by an experienced denturist should never cause you any discomfort. If you find yourself experiencing any of the following problems due to your dentures, book an appointment with your Calgary denture clinic as soon as possible:

  • Unevenly distributed pressure on your gums
  • Sores in your mouth
  • Jaw pain/soreness
  • Looseness

One important thing to be aware of is if you happen to experience any sharp pain in the area of your canine teeth or on them, especially when biting down. This could be a sign that bone reabsorption is occurring and you must contact your denturist immediately to address the issue. 

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4. They fit differently

If you've suddenly noticed that your dentures don't fit like they used to then that's a sign something is amiss. For those with complete dentures, the top ones should smoothly be suctioned to your gums while the bottom ones should float just above your gums but remain in your mouth without any issue. For those with partial dentures, they should stay in line with your remaining natural teeth without much movement. 

Since you most likely wear your dentures every day, you're more likely than not to notice a change in how they fit. Don't ignore this warning sign, as timely repairs could save you from having to fully replace your dentures if you continue to wear them while they don't fit properly, which has been known to cause dentures to break.

5. Your face looks different

Dentures do a great job of filling out your face by keeping your cheeks even and full looking. If you've suddenly noticed your face looks different for no discernible reason, this could be a sign that your dentures need to be repaired, rebased, or relined. Be sure to call your denturist right away to rectify the problem.

6. Your gums are sore 

Again, it's quite normal to experience some initial soreness or discomfort immediately after you start wearing your dentures for the first time. But if this pain or discomfort continues or pops up down the road, then that's a sign your dentures need to be repaired or adjusted. That's why you should always be on the lookout for the following:

  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding
  • Raw spots

If you experience any of the above symptoms due to your dentures, you should call your denturist right away so they can diagnose the problem and provide relief. Often all that's needed is a small adjustment to get your dentures back to where they were, allowing you to enjoy all the amazing benefits they provide without any pain or discomfort.

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