5 Ways You Can Prevent Your Dentures from Breaking

Wondering how you can best prevent your dentures from breaking? Here are five of the top tips for doing so from our Calgary denture clinic so you can protect your dentures and smile for years to come. 

Breaking your dentures can be an extremely scary situation. Not only do you rely on them to eat, you also use them to talk, smile, and live the life you've grown accustomed to. So protecting them is often top of mind for those who wear them. But sometimes we can be careless with the items we rely on most. With that in mind, here are the top five ways you can prevent your dentures from breaking. 


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5 Ways You Can Prevent Your Dentures from Breaking

Safeguarding your dentures from damage can be a tough task. You use them everyday and put them through considerable wear and tear. But by following the below five tips, you can put yourself in the best position to keep them intact and working well years down the road. 

1. Make sure you handle your dentures carefully at all times

It can only take a moment for your dentures to slip out of your hands and become broken beyond all repair. This is especially true when we find ourselves rushing to get something done or are extremely tired. Try to always be conscious about the fact you have your dentures in your hand when removing them for the night or a cleaning. This will help you better focus on the task at hand and reduce the likelihood of you dropping them. 

2. Before removing your dentures, lay down a towel on the bathroom counter or fill the sink up with water

This trick adds another level of protection should the first tip go unheeded and you drop your dentures. By providing a softer landing spot for them, you'll lower the chances of them cracking or breaking once gravity has had its say. 

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3. Remove and rinse your dentures following every meal

It can be time-consuming to have to do this after every meal, but your dentures and wallet will thank you for doing so. Removing and rinsing your dentures after you eat ensures that leftover food particles are washed away and won't end up causing gum disease. Your dentures will also be a lot more clean and require less maintenance or professional cleaning.

4. Be sure to remove your dentures every night and soak them

This is an extremely important tip and something you should do your best to do if you're serious about protecting your dentures from breaking. Soaking them overnight will keep them from drying out, which increases the chances of them suffering a crack. You'll also give your gums and mouth a break as you sleep, lowering the likelihood of gum irritation or inflammation. 

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5. Never continue wearing broken or poorly fitting dentures

You may be tempted to suffer through wearing broken or poorly fitting dentures as opposed to shelling out money to get them fixed or refitted. But doing so can cause further damage to the dentures, which may result in you having to pay even more money to get them fully replaced. It can also lead to serious gum pain. The moment you notice your dentures are damaged or aren't fitting as they used to, call your denturist and book an appointment to fix the problem. You'll be happy you did. 

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