5 Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Dentures From Breaking

Maintaining clean dentures is important— after all, they are replacements for your natural teeth and are what allow you to chew and have a bright smile. Cleaning your dentures involves more than just brushing them. Other steps are required to keep them in pristine condition and maintain good oral health. You will need to care for your dentures just as you would for your natural teeth. A broken denture negatively affects everyday tasks such as chewing, speaking, and swallowing and can dim your smile. By being proactive and taking the right precautions for taking care of your dentures, you will avoid damage and will keep your smile looking natural and bright.


Take Diligent Care Of Your Dentures 

Dentures are designed to last a long time. Unless an accidental break occurs, they only need replacement every 5-7 years. You want to make sure you are taking good care of your dentures so they can take good care of you and function correctly. Although dentures are extremely durable, they do have their limitations. The teeth of your dentures can become loose, a part of your denture can chip, crack, or fracture causing discomfort making daily tasks like eating, difficult. Dentures are designed to improve your oral health and replace the function of your natural teeth, not to cause discomfort and make chewing more difficult. Some accidents are beyond your control but in many cases, the cause of your denture damage is avoidable.

At Future Smiles Denture Clinic, our mission is to ensure a long-lasting, healthy, and beautiful smile for our patients. Whether you’re looking to get your first set of dentures, need a replacement, or need emergency denture repair services, our team is dedicated to giving patients the advice and support that they need. Give us a call at 403-475-0016 to book your appointment today! 

5 Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Dentures

If your dentures break, do not try to repair them yourself; visit your denturist right away. Your denturist has the proper tools and techniques to correctly repair your broken dentures. If you try to fix them yourself, you could risk further damage or even infection by using improperly sanitized tools.

Rinse Your Dentures After Every Meal

After each meal, remove your dentures and run water over them to rinse off any leftover food particles. Plaque and food stains can build up on your dentures just like they would on natural teeth. Not regularly cleaning your dentures can put you at risk for developing gum disease and bad breath.

Soak Your Dentures In Water Overnight 

Soaking your dentures in water overnight will keep your dentures moist, pliable, and help them retain their shape. This will also allow the tissue in your mouth to recover after wearing your dentures all day and will prevent bacteria from developing and causing an infection.

Handle Your Dentures With Care

Dropping dentures is the most common way they get broken. When you are handling your dentures outside of your mouth, place a towel or blanket on your counter surface to give them a soft landing if they accidentally slip out of your hands or mouth. Also, do not bend your dentures or place objects on top of them or else they could fracture.

Do Not Place Your Dentures In Hot Water

Placing your dentures in hot water will cause them to warp and will not fit your mouth correctly. Only place them in cold water and keep them out of direct sunlight or heat sources if they are out of your mouth.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Materials

Avoid using toothbrushes with stiff bristles, strong cleansers such as teeth whitening strips, and harsh toothpaste as they can cause significant harm to your dentures. Dentures require gentle care and cannot handle harsh chemicals or brushing.

Contact Future Smiles Today!

Regular dental appointments are an essential part of taking care of your oral health. If you have dentures, it is still important to schedule regular appointments to ensure the health of your gums and that your dentures are fitted correctly. Consistent cleaning will protect your dentures but will also ensure your oral health is maintained. Dentures will give you the self-confidence to smile again and will improve your everyday life by allowing you to speak and eat freely without discomfort. 

Future Smiles Denture Clinic is committed to helping Calgarians with all of their denture care needs. From direct billing to FREE consultations and denture care advice for all patients — new or existing, our experienced denture care teams at our NE and SW Calgary Denture Clinics are here to help. Contact us today for an appointment by calling 403-475-0016 or filling out our online contact form, and we'll get you smiling again in no time! 


Can I sleep with my dentures still in my mouth?
Technically yes you can. It is highly recommended that you remove them every night before you go to sleep to allow your gums and mouth tissue to relax from the pressure of having the dentures in all day. Taking them out and placing them in your denture cleaning solution will get rid of any bacteria and prevent infections from occurring.

How often will I need to get my dentures replaced?
With proper care, dentures will only need to be replaced once every 5-7 years.

Does getting dentures hurt?
When you are fitted for your dentures, it is normal to feel some slight discomfort and minor irritation. This feeling will fade as you get accustomed to your new dentures. 

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