4 Interesting Facts About Bone Grafting

Has your denturist suggested a bone graft prior to your dental implant procedure? Here are four surprising facts you may not know about this treatment. 

Today, missing teeth can be replaced by a number of different methods including removable complete/partial dentures and implant-supported dentures. Whatever you choose, it’s important to never ignore tooth loss because it can lead to many more serious issues down the road.

These include:

  • increased risk of tooth decay
  • gum infection
  • further tooth loss
  • changes in facial structure
  • unwanted shifting of remaining teeth
  • difficulty chewing and speaking

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4 Surprising Facts About Bone Grafting For Dental Implants

Have you been told that you need a bone grafting procedure prior to your dental implant treatment? Don’t worry! Today, it is a routine treatment and not as complicated as many people think, especially with the incredible advancements in dentistry today.

If you are thinking about getting a dental implant, here are four things you need to know about bone grafting:

1. Sometimes, a bone graft is needed before a dental implant

One of the major reasons dental implants work so well as replacements for natural teeth is that they become fused to the underlying bone.

This allows for:

  • greater durability
  • a longer life-span
  • better and more natural function

However, when a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone often begins to disappear, and in such a case, it will be necessary to get a bone graft to rebuild some of the bone structure before an implant can be placed effectively.


2. Bone grafting is a routine procedure

When it is required, bone grafting has become a standard practice in oral surgery. It’s often performed prior to placing a dental implant. The bone grafting can be done in the office, using local anesthesia or even conscious sedation to relieve anxiety.


3. The procedure may use a variety of different materials

The small amount of bone grafting material you may need for this procedure can come from a variety of different sources including:

  • human
  • animal
  • synthetic material

However, before any of the material is used, all of it is processed to make sure it is safe. In addition to the grafting material, ‘guided bone regeneration’ membranes may be used to promote healing.


4. Bone grafting lets your body rebuild itself

Our body uses most bone grafting materials as a scaffold over which it is able to grow its own new bone tissue. Over time, the natural process of bone regeneration replaces the graft material with new bone. This is important because maintaining sufficient bone tissue around the teeth is a crucial part of keeping up your oral health.


Other Top Facts About Bone Grafts

  • Statistics prove that bone grafting procedures and the placement of dental implants enjoy an impressive success rate of over 90%
  • The technique of bone grafting and implants prevent jaw atrophy due to missing teeth.
  • Existing healthy teeth don’t suffer any damage whatsoever during the bone grafting procedure.
  • The materials during the procedure are chosen so that they act as a frame over which the body itself grows its own new bone tissue, thus maintaining the natural process of bone regeneration.
  • Contrary to popular belief, bone grafting is a routine periodontal procedure and can be completed under local anesthesia.


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